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    Preparing for the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) examination demands a strategic approach and dedicated effort. At Ekam IAS Academy, we understand the importance of effective study techniques.
    Begin by thoroughly understanding the exam pattern and syllabus outlined by the commission. Familiarize yourself with the weightage of each section to prioritize your study plan effectively. Create a personalized study schedule that suits your pace and preferences. Break down the syllabus into manageable sections and allocate time for each topic accordingly. Set realistic study goals to stay motivated and focused. Ekam IAS Academy provides comprehensive study materials curated by experienced faculty members. Utilize textbooks, reference materials, and online resources aligned with the APPSC syllabus to supplement your preparation. Focus on understanding the core concepts and principles underlying each topic. Our expert faculty members emphasize conceptual clarity, enabling you to approach questions with confidence and accuracy. Practice solving a diverse range of questions regularly to enhance your problem-solving skills. Ekam IAS Academy offers sectional tests, mock tests, and previous year question papers to assess your progress and identify areas for improvement. Implement effective revision strategies to consolidate your learning and boost retention. Utilize concise notes, flashcards, and mind maps to review key concepts regularly and reinforce your understanding. Ekam IAS Academy provides comprehensive current affairs updates tailored for the APPSC examination. Stay informed about regional, national, and international events through newspapers, news channels, and online platforms. Our experienced mentors and faculty members are dedicated to providing guidance and support throughout your preparation journey. Seek assistance whenever you encounter doubts or difficulties, and join our vibrant community of aspirants for mutual learning and encouragement. Develop effective time management techniques to optimize your performance during the exam. Ekam IAS Academy offers time-bound practice sessions to help you improve your speed and accuracy. Remember to prioritize your physical and mental well-being during your preparation. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, practice mindfulness, and take regular breaks to recharge your energy and focus.
    EKAM IAS Academy is committed to empowering aspirants like you to achieve success in the APPSC examination. With our comprehensive guidance and resources, you can embark on your preparation journey with confidence and determination.


    Written Examination (Objective Type) – Degree Standard
    PaperSubjectNo. Of QuestionsDuration in Minutes
    Maximum Marks
    General Studies & Mental Ability150150150
    N.B: As per G.O.Ms. No.235 Finance (HR-1, Plg & Policy) Dept, Dt: 06/12/2016, for each wrong answer will be penalized with 1/3rd of the marks prescribed for the question.
    Written Examination (Objective Type) – Degree Standard
    SubjectNo. Of QuestionsDuration in MinutesMaximum Marks 
    Social History of Andhra
    Pradesh i.e., the history of Social and Cultural Movements in Andhra Pradesh.
    General over view of the Indian Constitution.
    Indian and AP Economy.
    Science and Technology
    N.B: As per G.O.Ms. No.235 Finance (HR-1, Plg & Policy) Dept, Dt: 06/12/2016, for each wrong answer will be penalized with 1/3rd of the marks prescribed for the question.



    SubjectNo. of QuestionsDuration MinutesMaximum Marks
    Screening Test (Objective Type) Paper -I General Studies. This paper consists of 04 parts i.e., ABCD each part carries 30 marks
    A. History and Culture. B. Constitution polity, Social Justice and International relations. C. Indian and Andhra Pradesh Economy and Planning. D. Geography.120 Questions120 Minutes120 Marks
    Screening Test (Objective Type) Paper -II General Aptitude This paper consists 2 parts i.e., A and B each part carries 60 Marks
    A. General Mental Ability Administrative and Psychological Abilities. (i) Science and Technologies. (ii) Current events of Regional, National and International importance120 Questions120 Minutes120 Marks


    Paper in TeluguQualifying Nature180 minutes150 Marks
    Paper in EnglishQualifying Nature180 minutes150 Marks
    Paper – I General Essay – on contemporary themes
    and issues of regional, national and international importance.180 minutes150 Marks
    History and Cultural and Geography of India and Andhra Pradesh180 minutes150 Marks
    Paper -III
    Polity, constitution, Governance, Law and Ethics180 minutes150 Marks
    Paper -IV
    Economy and Development of India and Andhra Pradesh180 minutes150 Marks
    Paper -V
    Science, Technology and Environmental Issues180 minutes150 Marks
    TOTAL MARKS825 Marks

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