Sociology Optional


Crucial Role of Optionals :
Top UPSC Coaching in India – EKAM IAS ACADEMY In the UPSC mains examination, optionals, along with Essay and Ethics papers, act as the true “iron curtains.” A stellar performance in the optional subject significantly enhances the chances of securing a high rank. Recognizing this, Ekam IAS Academy meticulously designed its Optional Course to provide an optimal learning experience.

Sociology as an Optimal Choice :
Sociology stands out as one of the most popular optional subjects in UPSC. Its distinct advantages include a concise syllabus and ease of comprehension. Opting for Sociology not only aids in scoring well but also offers substantial support in General Studies topics like Social Issues, Social Justice, Governance, Ethics, and Essay writing.

Recent successes of students with Sociology as their optional make it a preferred choice.

The advantages of Sociology can be summarized :
Shorter syllabus.
Easy to understand and scoring.
Attracts humanities and science background students.
Beneficial for essay and interview rounds.
Facilitates a deeper understanding of society and its dynamics.

Guidance for Optional Preparation :
Students often delay optional preparation until after the Prelims Examination, which is a suboptimal strategy. Unlike General Studies, optional subjects require a post-graduate level of understanding, demanding thorough revision and value addition over 5-6 months. Hence, it is advised to choose the optional well before the Prelims.

Key Features of the Course :

Available in both Offline and Online modes.
Approximately 250-280 hours of classes.
Course duration varies between 3-4 months.
Integrated Test Series: Free access to weekly tests.
Personal mentorship and answer evaluation after tests.
Emphasis on teaching answer writing techniques.
Special discussion and practice sessions on previous and probable questions.

Advantages of UPSC Optional Coaching at EKAM :

Tailored for beginners to experts, accommodating candidates without a prior background.
Goal-oriented teaching with a comprehensive study of the subject aligned with UPSC syllabus and previous years’ questions.
Regular assignments and tests for concept clarity and revision.
Focus on improving answer writing capability through test discussions.

Optional Subject Course Details :

Medium of Instruction: English
Duration: 3-4 Months
Classes Timings: Mostly morning sessions
Study Hours: 2 Hours Per Day, Monday to Friday
Weekly Tests: Every Saturday, 8 AM Onwards
Personal Counselling : Scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays with faculty.

Choose Sociology as your optional at Ekam IAS Academy for a well-structured and effective UPSC preparation journey.