(Special Module on History)

Special Module on History – Rich Tapestry of the Past

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In the realm of competitive examinations, History stands as a cornerstone, and the UPSC is no exception. Within UPSC, History is intricately divided into six sub-segments: Ancient Indian History, Medieval Indian History, Modern Indian History, Post-Independent India, Art & Culture, and Modern World History.

Comprehensive understanding across these segments is paramount for a well-rounded preparation. History’s weightage is underscored by its ability to enable students to connect seamlessly with Political History and Economic History, providing an enriched learning experience.

At Ekam, our commitment to thorough coverage is reflected in the 320+ hours of comprehensive History classes spanning four months. This extensive duration allows for an in-depth exploration of each sub-segment, ensuring students gain a holistic grasp of the subject.

To further support students in their comprehensive study of History, we offer it as a special module. Our teachers at Ekam are selected from a highly experienced pool, bringing both a deep understanding of the subject and an excellent delivery style to the classroom.

History, when prepared meticulously, can significantly impact a student’s performance and confidence. Particularly, students from IT and Science backgrounds may find it initially challenging to develop a taste for the subject if not taught effectively.

Key Highlights of our History Special Module :

Comprehensive Coverage : The special module ensures a thorough understanding of each History sub-segment.
Experienced Faculty : Our faculty pool comprises highly experienced educators with a profound grasp of the subject matter.
Extended Duration : The 320+ hours of classes over four months allow for detailed exploration and in-depth learning.
Enhanced Learning Experience : By connecting different historical epochs, students gain a more enriched perspective on political and economic contexts.

Join our History Special Module at Ekam, where we unlock the rich tapestry of the past, making History an accessible and engaging subject for all aspirants. Master the complexities of this subject and boost your performance in competitive examinations with Ekam’s dedicated approach to History.