Special IR + IS + Polity

Special IR + IS Classroom Program

International Relations and Internal Security Course

In the UPSC examination, International Relations (IR) and Internal Security play pivotal roles, contrary to the misconception that their significance is limited to Mains. The Prelims of 2022 and 2023 underscored their importance with 15-18 questions appearing from these subjects alone. Best UPSC Academy in India – Best UPSC Academy

Importance for Civil Servants :

Every civil servant must possess a profound understanding of these subjects, given the inevitability of dealing with related issues in their career. Unfortunately, many institutes lack comprehensive coverage of these subjects, leading students to struggle with connecting theory to current affairs and resorting to fragmented information sources.

Need for In-Depth Coverage :

With India’s expanding international presence, UPSC aspirants must be well-prepared for these subjects. The course aims to delve into diversified topics frequently in the news, linking theory, ideology, and concepts with current affairs.

International Relations :

The IR segment offers an in-depth analysis of India’s relationships with countries like Pakistan and China, examining geopolitics, its implications on India, and India’s Foreign Policy. The course also covers the functioning of International Organizations and their implications for India.

Internal Security :

Major SPS Oberoi, with his extensive military background, provides exhaustive teaching on Internal Security. Topics include Border Management, Terrorism, North East Insurgency, Maoism, and more. Major Oberoi incorporates personal experiences from his time in the Army, enriching the subject matter.

Comprehensive Course Design:

This special module course provides a holistic understanding of these two subjects from both Prelims and Mains perspectives. Faculty from services backgrounds, including Armed Forces and CAPFs, teach these subjects, offering real-world insights that enhance students’ holistic perspectives in answer writing.

Key Features :

Real-World Experience: Faculty from services backgrounds enrich the learning experience.
Comprehensive Coverage: Bridging theory and current affairs for both Prelims and Mains.
Mentorship Inclusion: Free access to mentorship from top UPSC faculty and daily current affairs.
Scoring Strategies: Specially designed to help aspirants score high in Prelims and Mains.

Embark on a journey towards mastering International Relations and Internal Security for UPSC and CAPFs examinations with our specially crafted course.