Parishram (Long-Term Mentorship)

Parishram (Long-Term Mentorship)

Prelims Examination

The increasing difficulty level of Prelims Examination year after year only reinforces the process of dedicated mentorship as an intrinsic part of preparation strategy for passing this stage of the Exam. The platform of mentorship provides an excellent opportunity to the students who have completed their foundational classes and the students preparing on their own to hone their skills in Prelims. The structure of this program is so beautifully designed to cover the entire syllabus thrice before appearing in the final Prelims Examination. The conduct of weekly tests supported by detailed explanation and discussion sessions drastically improves the in depth understanding of the topic. The division of syllabus on a weekly basis gives a holistic approach to complete the entire topic without missing any section. The suggestion related to the source gives the student an understanding of learning from a reputed and reliable source rather than random learning from regular material which is of no use. The personal one to one Best Mentorship Coaching in Hyderabad with the mentor after the exam provides an opportunity to correct the mistakes and learn from the vast experience of the faculty.

Mains Examination

After a student successfully qualifies in the Prelims Examination, his/her journey of dedicated Mains preparation starts. While the repeaters, are very much aware of the advantages of starting the mains preparation with Prelims, the beginners are generally at a disadvantage as they start their mains preparation deliberately only after qualifying in the prelim’s examination. This strategy leaves them with very little room for covering the entire syllabus, leave aside revision.  Covering of all the GS 4 papers, Essay and Optionals become next to impossible in this short period of 80-90 days. This is the biggest reason why many of the students’ clear prelims year after year, but fail in the mains examination, which is more disheartening that failing in prelims. That is the reason why the experts always advise to keep the preparation mains oriented from the Day 1. One must also acknowledge that though the clearing of Prelims is important to qualify for the mains, however, over emphasis only on prelims doesn’t bear the desired fruit. As we know, the prelims exam is only qualifying in nature, the marks secured as such do not count for the merit list. So, a very tactfully crafted strategy should be adopted for prelims and adequate time should also be catered for preparing for the mains examination simultaneously.

With a view to help the students of Ekam IAS Academy in designing their preparation, we are providing this article.

Step 1 : Consistency is the Secret 

One of the most difficult things to achieve in UPSC is the consistency in preparation. As the time period of preparation is spread across months and in some cases over a year, it becomes difficult to keep yourself motivated and consistent. The best way to ensure consistency is the designing of a study plan and strictly abiding by it. This ensures completion of syllabus in time and also bring in a sense of discipline in learning. Also, regularly checking whether your preparation is aligned with the prescribed syllabus also helps in focusing your preparation and avoids unwanted learning. At Ekam IAS Academy, we use the platform of mentorship to ensure all these requirements are met at one place. The mentor guides the students not only from the academic point of view, but also in staying motivated and focused.

Step 2 : Learning the habit of writing

Learning the habit of administrative writing is the key to success in the Mains examination. From the very beginning students should learn to express in writing the learned topics in their own words. This will build a strong base of vocabulary that will immensely help in mains.  This habit will help immensely in GS, Essay and the Case Studies of the GS Paper 4. At Ekam IAS Academy, we inculcate this art of writing from the beginning of the foundation course. The answers written by the students are evaluated by subject experts.

Step 3 : Deliberate Preparation of Essay and Ethics

It has been observed that most of the students don’t prepare for essay and ethics They are primarily victims of false notion that with the support of GS information, essay and ethics can be written well. This is however, far from the truth. Deliberate practicing of Essays and Ethics especially the case studies are cornerstones of student’s success in the mains. Ekam IAS Academy, we take extensive classes on Essay and Ethics. Regular writing sessions with detailed evaluations are also organized to evaluate the performance of students.

Step 4 : Mock Based Learning

Subscribing to a mentorship platform at the fag end of the preparation exposes a student to vertical learning process (the ability to conceptualize a combined thought process of all subjects). This is when the student start connecting the learning of various subjects in a single answer. Also, the art of writing in the prescribed time and word limit is also developed. The Mains Test Series designed at Ekam IAS Academy are aimed at emphasizing on analytical approach of answer writing, improving the presentation of the answer, timely writing etc. The discussion sessions held after the examination helps the student develop the art of good answer writing. At Ekam IAS Academy, Hyderabad our endeavour has always been to ensure that each and every student who is enrolled in the Foundation Batch of the Prelims Cum Mains always  feels the support of the institute in all the three stages of preparation.

A combination of, highly learned and motivated teachers, highly dedicated research staff, scientifically designed classroom learning, Comprehensive Mains Test Series, Mentorship support are the reasons for the success of our students in the Mains Examination.

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