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November 3, 2023 @ 7:30 am - 11:30 pm


The recent demands for government jobs in “New India” amid caste-based army regiment protests, skill development centers, and Maratha reservation concerns highlight the significance of state employment. Despite the market-centric narrative, the persisting allure of public sector positions is shaping individual aspirations in the face of prevalent social and economic transitions.


Demands for Sarkari Naukri – Varied Agitations

Ahir Regiment Agitation in Gurugram

  • Agitation for an “Ahir Regiment” along the Delhi-Jaipur highway, emphasizing historical community contributions to significant battles.
  • Demonstrations, traffic blockades, and interactions with politicians highlighting the absence of a dedicated regiment despite community service.

Skill Development Trainee Aspiration

  • Skill Development Centres (SDCs) initiated by the government to prepare individuals for private sector jobs.
  • An example from Ranchi portrays a trainee’s desire for a government job over a private sector one, emphasizing the allure of respect and stability in public sector employment.

Maratha Reservation Protests

  • Ongoing violence in Maharashtra with demands for Maratha reservations.
  • Agitators seeking reserved quotas, highlighting ongoing historical demands and court interventions.

Role of the State in a Transforming India

Significance of the State

  • Despite the narrative of a market-led society, the state’s significance remains paramount in citizens’ lives.
  • Individuals prefer security within the state amid perceived state control and arbitrary actions against its perceived enemies.

Deterioration of Market Regulation

  • A declining role of state regulations in protecting vulnerable sections in a largely expanding private enterprise.
  • Weakening of labour laws has favored private employers, prompting a preference for the security and respect offered by state jobs.

Failures in Market Dynamics

Lack of Regulatory Oversight

  • Inadequate state regulation exposes individuals to market vulnerabilities.
  • Dilution of labor laws reflects state favoritism toward private employers, leaving workers without necessary protections.

Private Sector Mistrust

  • Despite market promotion, state jobs are perceived as more secure and respectful.
  • This preference underlines distrust in the private sector’s ability to provide stable employment.

Unrestricted Market Dominance

  • Unchecked market power impacts various life aspects without ensuring participant well-being due to inadequate safeguards and protections.


The enduring prominence of state jobs amid societal and economic transformations highlights the increased state influence and the diminishing regulation within markets. In this context, the appeal of a stable, secure, and respectable position in the government sector continues to prevail over the entrepreneurial narrative propagated in “New India.” Thus, the preference for government jobs persists until the state strikes a balance between protection, empowerment, and freedom for individuals in the private sector.


November 3, 2023
7:30 am - 11:30 pm
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