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ANNUAL STATUS OF EDUCATION REPORT (ASER) 2023 TOPIC: (GS2) POLITY AND GOVERNANCE –SOURCE: THE HINDU ASER 2023 annual educational assessment, sheds light on the foundational learning levels and aspirations of India's adolescents aged 14-18. This report offers critical insights into the challenges faced in education and the aspirations of the youth. ASER 2023 covered 28 [...]


CRAFTED AT HOME, NEXCAR19 TAKES INDIA TO NEXT LEVEL IN CANCER CARE TOPIC: (GS3) SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY–SOURCE: THE HINDU Cancer remains a major healthcare challenge in India.  However, recent development of NexCAR19, an indigenously-developed Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cell therapy for certain blood cancers. T cells are immune system cells that fight infection. CAR-T [...]


A DISTINCT RIGHT TOPIC: (GS2) POLITY AND GOVERNANCE –SOURCE: THE HINDU The Supreme Court of India has recently recognized the right to be free from the adverse effects of climate change as a distinct fundamental right. This landmark decision highlights the importance of a healthy environment and sustainable development in the face of escalating climate [...]