Best IAS Academy in Hyderabad

Best IAS Academy in Hyderabad

Best mentorship

The Best IAS Academy, in Hyderabad. This is probably the most used tagline by almost all the institutions imparting civils coaching in the Nizam City of Hyderabad  However, the bigger question to ask is, are they actually the best. This leads us to the next question, what makes a  Best IAS institute in Hyderabad Let’s see.

  1. The design of the course: The design of the UPSC Foundation course is one of the biggest reason to decide whether an institute is best ias academy in Hyderabad or not. What does this design include?
  2. a) The structure of the course: This includes the duration, the timing of starting a particular subject, the depth in which a particular subject is taught etc. etc. Be very careful in seeing all these parameters before deciding whether that institute is the best ias academy in Hyderabad or not.

At Ekam IAS Academy, Hyderabad, we not only ensure all these, in addition, one to one student mentorships are conducted by the Academic Advisor along with the teaching faculties. This makes us the Best IAS Academy in Hyderabad.

  1. Pan India Faculty: At Ekam IAS Academy faculties with very rich teaching experience come and teach subjects of great importance in UPSC. Having the teachers of reputation on the lines of SM Azad Sir, Neeraj Nachiketa Sir, Pavneet Singh sir, Mohan Krishnan Sir, Major SPS Oberoi sir makes us unique.

The biggest advantage of having teachers of this reputation is that it brings in clarity in understanding the subject and builds a student’s perspective on the subjects being taught which is the most important thing in UPSC preparation. This makes us the Best IAS Academy in Hyderabad.

Classes by eminent faculties in the field of Ethics and Essay give our students edge over others. It helps them to score very high in mains examination thereby increasing their chances of scoring a very high rank in the UPSC examination.  This quality deliverables surely makes us the top contender to be the best ias academy in Hyderabad.

  1. One to One Student Mentorship: This is probably the best feature of our institute. While most of the institutions just concentrate on the classroom teaching, we go a step further and provide the best one to one student mentorship.

These mentorship sessions are designed to clear all the doubts of the student, improve their answer writing skills and also to suggest good books to improve their depth of understanding the subject.

Every week, the Academic Advisor, Major SPS Oberoi Sir meets all the students personally through an interactive session, to address their doubts if any. This gives the students a beautiful opportunity to clear all their inhibitions about the UPSC Exam. This feature surely makes us the Best IAS Academy in Hyderabad.

  1. Comprehensive Study Material: Study materials are a rich source of information to the students. These study materials are written in simple language unlike the standard textbooks. This comes in handy for the students who are freshers in their preparation.


At Ekam IAS Academy, the study material is comprehensively designed keeping in view the UPSC pattern of examination. To claim a small credit, in the recently help UPSC 2023 Prelims examination, 65 questions out of 100 were asked from our study material. You tube videos supporting our claims have also been uploaded on our You tube channel. Students can visit the channel and see it for themselves. The Channel link is also provided for your ease  I also take this opportunity to thank all my faculties and content developers in making their efforts in helping our students. This also gives us the courage to claim that we are the real Best IAS Academy in Hyderabad.

  1. Current Affairs: In UPSC since last few years, Current Affairs has assumed greater significance both in Prelims and Mains. With a view to keep the students posted with current affairs, every week current affairs classes are conducted by Asher Vidhey Sir covering all the important events held during the week.

Along with this, daily current affairs and editorials are provided to the students through the telegram channel run by the institute and also through the Website.

This gives the students confidence in their preparation making us the Best IAS Academy in Hyderabad.

At Ekam IAS Academy, Hyderabad we strive to provide our students the best of the learning experience. Other than the classes, the students are also given exposure in improving their talking skill by making them participate in the debates on important issues going on in the country and abroad.

This helps in improving their confidence levels to a great extent. We leave no stone unturned in helping our students rise as leaders of tomorrow, making us the best ias academy in Hyderabad.

We shall continue to strive to give our students the best possible support throughout their UPSC journey. We don’t make tall claims, our students are our brand ambassadors. The testimonials given by our students is our creditworthiness  It speaks volumes about our struggles to help them better day by day making us the best ias academy in Hyderabad.


It is so beautifully woven that, not only our students, but our faculties also speak very high  about our institute which is a very rare case.

We welcome all our students to join us in the journey of success. We promise to deliver our best at all times.



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